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Quad Chart Task Sheet


Using the two examples I have provided for you in Pilot, research and create a PowerPoint Quad Chart. Your Quad Chart must include one figure and should be related to your field of study. Your quad chart should have a graphic in the upper left hand quadrant, a set of New Ideas in the upper right hand quadrant, a set of Impact statements based off the New Ideas in the lower left hand quadrant, and a Schedule (yes, you are making the schedule up) in the lower right hand quadrant. Don’t forget your title! Include a References page. You will need to upload this PowerPoint as a presentation. See below.


Please follow this link to learn how to do voice over in your PowerPoint presentation:



Note: The link provides information for PowerPoint 2007, but includes a link for PowerPoint 2010.

STAC in the Dunbar library can provide free assistance to students for their technology needs.  Check the STAC website for more information and hours.



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